Pathway to Profit
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The core of YOUR Pathway to Profit:  Complete 90 Day Coaching Experience is 13 weeks  of face-to-face coaching. We’ll sort through your business and the challenges you're currently facing, while steadily moving toward increased profit.  

  • Picture yourself 90 days from now, having made more progress than any previous Quarter in developing your business!


The focus of Your Pathway to Profit: Complete 90 Day Coaching Experience is not training (although there is a training component). The focus is simply guiding you toward making your business thriving and profitable.

  • Picture your business making a profit and driving you closer and closer to your dream!


With so many voices screaming for your attention, it can be hard to sift through the noise and find the nuggets. You are looking for what will propel your business forward.

It may not be easy, but it will be simple. We’ll eliminate overwhelm by identifying what one thing you need to focus on now to move your business toward profitability.

  • Picture yourself having clarity and peace of mind, knowing exactly what to work on!


While the weekly coaching will end in 90 days, you will have lifetime access to Your Pathway to Profit training materials. As it evolves, you will have access to all new training materials as they are released.

  • Picture yourself reviewing the training whenever you need to refresh some element or simply posing your questions in the Facebook group!

Pathway to Profit

Your Guide to Developing a Profitable Online Business ...
Without an Overwhelming Task List
When you purchase this Complete Coaching Experience, we'll basically GIVE you the 12-Session Pathway to Profit course as a BONUS, including ...
BONUS MODULE 1: Testing Your Foundation for Success!

If you’ve ever wondered why you weren’t seeing results fast enough or at all, it could be because your foundation is wobbly or unstable. Why? It’s not your fault, you haven’t been shown how to properly develop a strong foundation.

Picture this - 90% of an iceberg lies below the water; the part we see represents only 10% of its size.

Something similar is true of a business. The visible, “sexy” part represents only a small portion. The essential foundation is largely unseen, but absolutely critical to success.

Time and again, we see people working feverishly on things like blogposts or traffic flow when they’ve not yet developed the essential foundation for a profitable business.

In module 1, you will test the foundation of your business by researching four critical questions, and we will show you how.

  • “Where Are You Headed?” The purpose of this question is to address any fuzziness and develop clear focus. It’s essential that you have a clear, compelling vision of your future; mid-term goals or milestones to mark your progress; and a personal development plan to help you become the person you need to be to accomplish your goals and reach your desired future. We’ll help you brainstorm and choose what works best for you. 
  • “What’s the Problem?”   That is, what is the problem you solve for your clients or customers. Generalists are a dime a dozen. You want to be a specialist – someone who stands out in the marketplace by solving a very specific problem. Get clear on this question and you are well on the way. You’ll learn how to hone and master this key skill. 
  • “Who’s Your Biggest Fan?”   You MUST know who that is. Your biggest fan – that’s the person you want to address in your marketing copy. Don’t write to some anonymous “prospect.” Picture someone very particular whom you know intimately. A message that fits for everyone tends to be compelling to no-one. You want your message to be crystal clear and laser focused. 
  • “How Do You Make Money?”   That’s the question everyone is asking when getting started or restarted in their business. Think of it like this. It may be easy to sell $1 widgets. However, if you do, how many do you need to sell to reach your goal? Is that a reasonable amount for you to sell? And, since it’s much easier to sell to a satisfied customer than acquire a new one, what else can you offer?
BONUS MODULE 2: Laying Your Pipeline for Profit!
If we picture your marketing and sales process as a pipeline, you need first to attract leads into the pipeline, then move them along stage-by-stage till they become customers and raving fans. Your goal is an outstanding customer experience!

  • A Radical S.O.L.U.T.I.O.N.   Our first step is a radical S.O.L.U.T.I.O.N. That’s our acronym for the 8 ingredients to an irresistible lead magnet that doesn’t just “capture” leads and then dead end. Instead, it clearly delivers by solving your prospect's problem, then locates that solution in context as just one step in a larger process, and finally moves your business prospects along toward the sale. 
  • Become a Badass Guru.  Since you’ve got their attention, it’s time to use that opportunity to develop their trust and respect. Demonstrate clearly how your expertise can help them achieve their dreams. This is the perfect time in the process to learn how to build your authority. 
  • From Lukewarm to Sizzling Hot!  In this step, we consider how to keep them moving down the pipeline while you raise their energy and passion from lukewarm to sizzling hot. You’ll learn techniques of how to keep open rates high and your people engaged with all your content. 
  • One Deciding Event.  It’s not enough to warm them up and assume they’ll buy when ready. Instead, your pipeline needs to lead them to an effective, deciding event. In this step, we’ll consider the 5 most effective types of online conversion events, choose one type to focus on, and design that effective, deciding event for your business. 
BONUS MODULE 3: Releasing the Flow of Traffic!

Once we have all the components for your business in place, it’s time to increase the flow of leads and prospects through that pipeline.

  • Attract Free Eyeballs.  We’ll start by attracting free eyeballs and knowing where to find them. You learn how best to use social media to help you go from a trickle to a steady flow of qualified leads. 
  • Deliver Focused Content.  In this stage, we continue to raise your perceived authority by delivering very focused, precisely-targeted content. The key is not to produce a huge quantity of blogposts, videos, etc., but rather to learn how to produce the right content that will both attract and really help your target audience. 
  • Pay for More Eyeballs.  Prior to this stage, paying for more eyeballs is simply a gamble. Now, however, it’s time to develop a carefully calculated ad strategy. One little mistake can cost you thousands of dollars with nothing to show for it, and we’ll show you how to avoid making that mistake. 
  • Turn Up the Volume!  Once you’ve got a profitable business, it’s time to turn up the volume – to scale up the flow to gushing, optimize your funnel, and maximize your profit. 
Pathway to Profit
Regular Price $2,497   For a Limited Time, Only $1,497 Add To Cart Add To Cart

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These special triple-support bonuses will help kick start your progress!
BONUS #4: Weekly Live Q&A Sessions $1,297VALUE
QA Bonus

To make sure no one gets stuck along the way, we are scheduling Weekly Live Q&A Sessions for you to bring your questions. These Question & Answer sessions will give you a great opportunity to clarify any issues that come to your attention after the instructional sessions are finished.

  • Plus, in these sessions we can focus on how the Pathway to Profit process applies in your particular situation.
  • You can have hands on technical assistance for most online marketing applications. 
  • You'll have access to a master in strategic thinking to help you modify and/or improve on your business design and execution.
BONUS #5: Facebook Discussion Group $197VALUE
90 Day PTP FB Group

You'll be included in a closed Facebook Discussion Group where course members can discuss personal plans or issues with each other ... and receive additional feedback from David & Dana who will be in the group daily!

  • This group will grow exponentially over time as more and more people start building their online businesses
  • You will get nearly immediate feedback on questions or discussion topics on your mind.
  • As with any Facebook group, you can make friends and associations with others, maybe even find people who need your service. However, the group will be safe from "spamming" or solicitation.
BONUS #6: Facebook Messenger Chat  $297VALUE
FB Chat

Facebook Messenger Chat is often a quicker way to receive a response to your questions. So, we'll also set up a chat group for those in Your 90 Day Pathway to Profit, so you can get additional input right when you need it.

  • You will get answers quickly from David & Dana or one of the others in your group.
  • You'll help each other reach clarity by offering your input.
  • You'll have the opportunity to discuss next steps and get feedback before you jump in.

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Complete 90 Day Coaching Experience


13 Weeks of Face-to-Face Coaching over Zoom

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BONUS #1. 4 Session Module: Testing the Foundation

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BONUS #2. 4 Session Module: Laying the Pipeline

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BONUS #3.  4 Session Module: Releasing the Flow

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BONUS #4: Weekly Group Q&A Sessions

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BONUS #5: Facebook Discussion Group

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BONUS #6: Facebook Messenger Chat

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  • Enjoy 'Your Pathway to Profit: Complete 90-Day Coaching Experience' 100% RISK FREE for the next 30 days

    Our promise is to walk you through our process to "Develop a Profitable Business ... Without an Overwhelming Task List."  If you don't feel Your Pathway to Profit: Complete 90-Day Coaching Experience is delivering on that promise, simply e-mail within the first 30 days, and we will gladly refund you 100%, NO QUESTIONS ASKED! The risk is on us: Let us prove to you that Your Pathway to Profit: Complete 90-Day Coaching Experience will change the course of your online business destiny.

Pathway to Profit
Regular Price $2,497    For a Limited Time, Only $1,497 Add To Cart Add To Cart

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